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What is twain dll?

The twain.dll module or the Twain dynamic link library is a necessity for Windows Operating System versions. The successful communication between a computer or a machine and a (MORE)

What is the purpose of dll?

.A DLL is used by programs which need the features or functions built into the DLL. Just like we humans use executable programs for the services they offer (spreadsheets to ma (MORE)

What does DLL stand for?

"Data link Layer" It can stand for that, but it can also stand for Dynamic Link Library... it simply means a bunch a files that come together to be used by a running program (MORE)

What is an out of process DLL?

A library(dll) can be a windows dll, com dll or none of the above. The none of the above cannot be referenced with a programming language like .net to run in the same process. (MORE)

What is the example of DLL?

We all know that DLL is a short of Dynamic link library, which is a collection of subroutines stored on disk, and can be loaded into memory and executed when accessed by a run (MORE)

How do you unregistered dll?

1. Open the Command Prompt window Go to start on your taskbar and click on "Run" to start the "Run" tool. In the field, type "cmd" and press the "OK" button. Windows Vista (MORE)

What is a dll library?

Dll Library refers to Dynamic-link library. We all know that dll is Microsoft's implementation of the shared library concept in the Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating system (MORE)

What is a shared dll?

A DLL or dynamic-link library file is generally an executable file with the capability of allowing the sharing of codes and other various resources in programs to enhance the (MORE)

What does dll contains?

A . dll is dynamic link used by various applications. Other than write it over and over it is written once and utilized by alot of different applications. dll stands for "dyn (MORE)

What is dll in dotnet?

DLL - Dynamic-link library is the compiled project code. Computer work in binary code. Programmers write code in English. The complier transforms the English written code into (MORE)