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Best dlp projector?

There is not an affordable DLP projector with wasting money one. Cheaper DLPs have major problems processing the colors yellow and green, they turn out as gray. Although most (MORE)

What is the fullform of DLP?

DLP (Digital Light Processing) is a technology widely used for projecting images from a monitor onto a large screen for presentation purposes.

Are Mitsubishi dlp hdtvs reliable?

The DLP technology has traditionally had more issues than it's Plasma or LCD counterparts. The reasoning behind it was more moving parts (color wheel) and maintenance (bulb re (MORE)
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What is the voltage of a dlp lamp?

About 5000 volts. Additional Explanation of this answer While the "Striking Voltage" of the Bulb may be 5,000 + volts the bulb actually operates on much less. More like 1 (MORE)
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What are DLP Lamps?

A DLP lamp is used to power what is seen on a rear-projection television, and is also used in modern color digital projectors. Digital cineman projection also used DLP technol (MORE)
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What is special about DLP lamps?

It helps your tv see better pictures which a normal lcd tv cant do. But to me these lamps are very pointless and just a waste of money by the way tell your mom i said hi.
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Where can one purchase DLP projectors?

Digital Light Projectors ( DLP ) can be purchased at the same stores that sell computer and office equipment. Stapes, Office Depot, WalMart, Target, BestBuy are likely to car (MORE)
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Where can one purchase DLP bulbs?

One can purchase DLP bulbs both in person at stores or online from various retailers. Some companies that carry this item are Walmart, Amazon and eBay,