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Has anyone revealed the religious convictions if any of Dimitri Shostakovich?

Many people have attempted to describe Shostakovich's religious convictions, although the information they offer is somewhat contradictory. He was baptized into the Russian Or (MORE)

What is the debate about Dmitri Shostakovich?

In the West, there still exists debate about the political allegiances that Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich held during his life. After Shostakovich's death, author Solomo (MORE)

How did Dmitri Shostakovich die?

Shostakovich died at 6:30pm on August 9, 1975, from a heart attack associated with the lung cancer he suffered from. The official announcement ascribed the cause of death to l (MORE)

What type of music did Dmitri Shostakovich write?

Dmitri Shostakovich wrote classical music, categorized as 20th Century classical music, although his compositions often display an affinity with the Romantic idiom as well. He (MORE)

Who is Dmitri shostakovich family?

Dmitriy Shostakovich was born to Dmitriy Boleslavovich Shostakovich1 and Sofiya Vasilyevna Kokoulina.2 He had one elder sister, Mariya (born in 1903)3 and one younger sister, (MORE)
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Who publishes music by Dmitri Shostakovich?

Many publishers have published and reprinted his music in the past. However, the copyright on the majority of his music (as well as most Soviet composers) was restored by inte (MORE)

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