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Who was Gregory Watson?

Gregory Watson was a twenty 1 year old student at the university of texas. He wrote a term paper arguing for the ratification of amendment 27. After receiving a C on the paper (MORE)

What is Watson 3202?

It's a hydrocodone pill, usually 5mg Hydrocodone and 325mg acetaminophen. Generic vicodin. Why 'usually'? It is always 5mg Hydrocodone and 325mg acetaminophen :)
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Who is Emma Watson into?

Probably her boyfriend of the past 10-11 months, Will Adamowicz. Before that, Johnny Simmons (May to August 2011), unknown people at Brown (until she left in December 2010), G (MORE)

What is the name 'Doc' as in Doc Shaw short for?

"Doc" is the shortened form of doctor . As a proper name (rather than a title) "Doc" is of Welsh origin and not short for anything - it's just a short name! It derives from (MORE)

Who are Watson and Crick?

James Watson and Francis Crick are credited with being the first to discover the di-basic double helix structure of (B form) DNA (published in Nature in 1953) at the Cavendish (MORE)

What is a Watson 540?

Its a Loracet 10mg tablet that is Blue in color and is used to alleviate pain and also get you HIGH!!!!!! Watson 540 is generic Vicodin (Lortab, Norco). Each pill contains 10 (MORE)

What is Watson 932?

Watson 932 is a white, round pill, containing oxycodone and tylenol. Watson 932 is generic Percocet manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals. It is a compound pain reliever th (MORE)