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What you have to do to be a doctor?

First off, you'll need some good grades. While in college or sixth form you can apply for a place in a university of medicine, I got in with 3A's and a B (Physics, Biology, Ch (MORE)

Can you be in Doctor Who?

There are casting organisations that use "extras" for the filming - normally around Cardiff but there are some opportunities near London as well. You need to search the net fo (MORE)

Who was Doctor Who?

Doctor Who (known as the Doctor) is a timelord from the planet of Gallerfray which had two of everything including two hearts, the Daleks are their greatest enemy and invaded (MORE)
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DO is doctor of what?

D.O. stands for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. D.O.s are trained very much the same was as M.D.s, with the addition of osteopathic manipulative medicine techniques, a form of (MORE)

How do you get into Doctor Who?

If you mean who to you watch Doctor Who and enjoy it, try finding some random funny and dramatic clips and videos on youtube that grab your interest. You might also try watchi (MORE)
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What do the doctors do?

Doctors are supposed to fill needed prescriptions and have a yearly check up with their patients.

What does Doctor Who have?

The Doctor has a sonic screwdriver, TARDIS, companions, age, intelligence, a swimming pool, a library, a wardrobe, and cool clothes. (To name a few).
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What to doctor do?

\n. doctor to is help people to give medicaine and check there body how is feeling good.cheak if there no probolm doctor take good care of people and childern