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What was the document that declared reasons the colonies should break from England?

The document is the Declaration of Independence. It is one of the most important American documents that states the reasons that the colonies should break away from England. H (MORE)

What types of documents can I get notarized?

Documents aren't typically notarized, signatures are. Notarization is typically used to insure that the person that signed a document is the person they said they are and that (MORE)

What documents did Americans deal with the complaints listed in the Declaration of Independence?

When the U.S. was founded, they fixed all the problems listed in  the Declaration of Independence in the Constitution. The  Constitution ensured that their rights were prote (MORE)
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What type of document is a corporate charter?

A corporate charter, also known as articles of incorporation of charter could be defined as a written document, filed with a United States (U.S) State by a corporation's found (MORE)