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What is documentation?

Documentation refers to the documents supporting a case, claim, application or report. For example, one might say, 'You have completed the application, but the documentation i ( Full Answer )
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What is document?

A document is a paper that gives information or it gives a computer data file
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What is a document?

Formal piece of writing, that provides information or acts as a record of events or arrangements. .
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What is the document about Document and Decrees?

Document and Decrees is a title describing the contents ofdocument. The official "document" is described and the "decree"confirms legal commission.
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What document is used for documenting a meeting?

It is usually called the 'Minutes of the Meeting'. The said report includes the subject, date, venue, attendees, discussions, issues/concerns, agreements, actions to be taken/ ( Full Answer )
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What documents influenced the constitution documents?

Virginia Charters: rights of englishmen guaranteed to colonists (influenced Constitution:created group assembly to make laws- rep. gov't) Virginia Declaration of Rights: grant ( Full Answer )
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Is an external document a compound document?

Not necessarily. An external document is what it is, but if it is connected to another document, the other document would be a compound document.
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How does a document become a legal document?

A legal document is a document that states some contractual relationship or grants some right. It must be signed by both parties and is binding on both parties. If it creates ( Full Answer )