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What does kalo fai mean?

in samoan it means I feel sorry for you(them). I am not sure of the correct spelling. 
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In Samoa

What is the English translation of the Samoan words Fai fai pea?

The phrase "fai fai pea" is a Samoan chant typically used by plantation workers whilst gathering the harvest in the plantations. It is also used by individuals carrying long a (MORE)

What is fay seal?

Faying surface seals consist of a layer of sealant sandwiched between two fastened mating surfaces. These seals are used primarily to prevent corrosion of aircraft structure a (MORE)

How did Dodi Fayed die?

Dodi (Al) Fayed died from injuries sustained in a fatal car crash in Paris, 31st August, 1997. His autopsy and burial took place within 24 hours of accident in keeping with Is (MORE)

What is a faying weld?

A "faying edge" is the edges of two materials that are to be joined. This is the surface of a member in contact with another member to be welded.
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What is the meaning of old-fay?

You might be referring to the term ofay which is a deragatory term for a white person. Or it could refer to a shortened version or abbreviation for Old Faithful the Geyser in (MORE)

How can you get ALS?

It's an autoimmune disease. That means your immune system attacks  your own body/nervous system. ALS just happens. It's nothing you  have done or have not done. It usually a (MORE)

What does vitamins b6 and b12 do for your dody?

Vitamin B12 helps to make DNA, prevent megaloblastic anemia and  keeps the body's blood and nerve cells healthy. Vitamin B6 helps  with brain development during pregnancy an (MORE)

Is diacap established dodi 8510bb?

DODI 8510 bb was the initial release of the DIACAP document. The current version is DODI 8510.01, dated November 29, 2007.
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