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Who was dodo soomro?

Dodo Soomro was the hero of Sindh who fought for sindh in order to protect the mother land sindh from the ruler of Delhi. Acutally Soomro or soomra is a tribe in sindh with (MORE)
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What is or was a dodo?

  The Dodo was a flightless bird that was found in the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. As hard as it seems, these birds are related to doves and pigeons. It was around (MORE)

What is the color of a dodo?

The Dodo bird was usually a light gray color with a black beak. You can see a picture of the dodo bird on the page listed in the Related Links.
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What do dodos eat?

Dodos have been extinct since 1681, so they no longer eat anything. Prior to their extinction, dodos ate fallen fruit, especially that of the Calvaria major tree.
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Why did the dodos die?

Man introduced species which the dodoes were not adapted to handle. As giant pigeons, they had lost the ability to fly, so it was easy for dogs to catch them. They nested on t (MORE)

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Where does the dodo live?

it Doesn't, the Dodo bird is extinct. The dodo doesn't live anymore, but when it did live it lived on islands in the Indian Ocean. It was flightless so stayed on the island (MORE)
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What did the dodo bird do?

The Dodo bird was a flightless bird, (unable to fly) and was discovered by explorers. The explorers told everybody about these birds and how easy to kill they were. They were (MORE)
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What are dodos relatives?

me being a penguin i always felt that i was so close to the dodo birds. in my honest opinion i think that i am a relitive to the dodo birds and the can call me mama-sh-bu-bu
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