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Is there AV-gas AVailable at Dodoma airport?

Answer . Usually there is but BP often run out. Its always best to call the BP guy at Dodoma Airport on his cell phone on +255 754 748719 before you take off. Alternativel ( Full Answer )
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How is the summer in dodoma?

It's hot - around 30-35 C in the daytime and cooler - about 20-25 at night. Not too wet in spite of the so called rainy season. Actually it rains for a couple of hours (and wh ( Full Answer )
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What are the undergraduate degree programs offered by Dodoma University?

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - B.Sc. (CS ). Bachelor of Science in Information Systems - B.Sc. (IS ). Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering - B.Sc.(SE) . ( Full Answer )