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Where you can get a dog?

Go to your local SPCA or humane society. There are also breeders and pet stores where you can purchase a dog. There are quite a few dogs at shelters looking to be adpoted and (MORE)

What is a dog?

The dog is an animal known in Latin as Canis lupus familiaris (The domesticated wolf) It is thought to be a domesticated subspecies of Gray Wolf . The term dog is used for (MORE)

How do you get your dog to you?

If you are meaning "how to get your dong to come to you" Its simple, first make sure he knows its name. Cut a hotdog in to smal pecies. and sit away from you dog and say "c (MORE)

What do you have to do if you have a dog?

Most importantly, your dog will need food and fresh water EVERY DAY. Dog food is usually made specifically to your dog's age. There are several types of food, wet and dry. Dry (MORE)

Why to get a dog?

Well,you might wanna get a dog if you`r the kind of person that pays attention,not too young nor old because a dog is very active and young people usualy watch tv or play on t (MORE)

What to do with a dog?

you give him love and make sure he is in good health, play with him often, and give him alot of water and food and toys if ever alone at home, dont put him in a cage!!

What can dog does?

Dogs can do lot's of things.They can be trained to do tricks and agilty courses. Some of them can be trained for sledding.Some can be trained as search and rescue dogs.Some ca (MORE)

Where do you get a dog from?

You can get one from dogstrust or you can adopt one. I adopted a dog from dogtrust and its called cindy and if ur in london you can go to the seabass adoption center!