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Can an akita fight a boxer dog?

Yes, since an akita is a breed of a husky and is strong, they aren't too big a fan of having other dogs around, and are more prone to being dog-aggressive towards other dogs. (MORE)

Why is training dogs for fighting not illegal but fighting is?

Answer A person may want a guard dog to protect their home, family, or property. Actually using the dog to perform that purpose unnecessarily is wrong. Kind of like guns. Hav (MORE)

Why do cat and dog fight?

Cats and dogs fight because of basic instincts. In the wild, you have wild dogs, lions, jaguars, etc which are considered carnivores. They eat meat, and since they have to h (MORE)

Why will a male and female dog fight?

It's possible the male is trying to mate with the female and she's not having it, or they are not compatible with each other, perhaps jealousy over their owner, territory, and (MORE)

What is When Great Dogs Fight about?

theres nothing great about dog fights theres nothing great about dog fights It's a metaphor for how African Americans had to struggle for their rights and equality.
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Quotes About Dog Fighting?

"All these cases we've done, we've seized  illegal weapons, narcotics, wanted people. Based on my experience  most of these people who fight dogs have criminal records for s (MORE)

Do ferrets fight with dogs?

  No, ferrets have no fear of other animals. If anything, depending on the dog, it might kill the ferret. Puppies raised with a ferret are more likely to play with each ot (MORE)

Where did dog fighting originate?

Although there are historical accounts of dog fights going back to  the 1750s, widespread activity emerged after the Civil War, with  professional pits proliferating in the (MORE)