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Where do you get a hot dog on Super Power island?

The vendor is giving them out free at City Park, which is terrorized by Sir Rebral. You may need one at the end of the game. (I wouldn't wait too long, because they have alr (MORE)

How do you get past the dogs on Spy Island?

When you are wearing the invisible Chameleon Suit, wait for the dog to move away and then run forward. Stop and become invisible before reaching the next dog. They only see yo (MORE)

Is dog island a real place?

Isle of Dogs is part of London, UK. No, Its not real. It is a scam from a Korean company used to get dogs to feed hungry Koreans. You can look it up on and it'll t (MORE)

Who do you date on the dog island?

If you are a girl: You can pick between Mccoy or Camu from the Victory Gang. You can only pick which one to date after you become the Victory Gang leader. If you are a boy: (MORE)

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How do you beat the dog on mythology island?

Cerberus, the three-headed dog in Hades underworld, is defeated with music. Get your reed pipe from your items and play the following notes: blue - green - yellow - blue - r (MORE)

What are all the breeds of dogs on The DOG Island?

actually there are 48 breeds to choose from here they are: BreedColour 1Colour 2Colour 3 / Labrador RetrieverYellow Chocolate Black / Golden RetrieverGolden Cream / Yorkshire (MORE)

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