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Where can you get dogs?

Do some Internet research before getting a dog! There's a lot to know, and it's not as simple as you may think. I will still answer your question, despite my beliefs that you (MORE)

What can dog do?

Dogs can do tricks(when trained)like:-Playing dead -danching on 2 legs -rolling -catching freesby in mid air -eat -drink -sleep -breath(inhale and exhale) -bar (MORE)

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What are dogs?

Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) are mostly carnivorous mammals that are found across the earth in many different breeds. The relationship between dogs and humans is extensive, a (MORE)
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My dog and I. Or My dog and me.?

'My dog and I' if this is the subject of the sentence or clause; 'My dog and me' if this is the object of the sentence or clause. Examples: My dog and I ran home when the rai (MORE)

Why are dogs dogs?

Answer: Evolution of the species. On the humorous side: They tried being free weights, but it didn't work out. More on the development and domestication of dogs: Our dogs (MORE)

Do dogs pine for other dogs?

Many pet owners report anecdotally that when one of two animals  that have been kept in the same household for years dies, the other  does miss it. Whether it ";pines" is ha (MORE)

Can dogs have dogs?

No because having a dog implies that you take care of it. Another  dog is unable to provide full care for a pet. That said, some dogs  do have special friends that they seem (MORE)