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What is the life span of a dachshund dog?

The Dachshund is said to have one of the longest lifespans of any Dog breed in general, with Miniatures commonly reaching over 15 years of age. Standard Dachshunds are expecte (MORE)

What is the life span of dog?

It can vary, depending on the type and size. It could also just be your luck, but it normally varies from about 12 to 15 that they would die, but that's not for all, i had a f (MORE)

What is the average life span of s dog?

The lifespan of Dogs can differ largely from breed to breed. Large breeds such as Great Danes and English Mastiff's may live for only 8 years, whereas long-lived breeds such a (MORE)
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Life span of a prairie dog?

in the wild 3-5 years. in captivity Well, I have had 2 prairie dogs in my life. The 1st on lived for 13 years and I had to put him down because his kidneys were failing. That (MORE)

What is the average life span of a dog?

  These are averaged:   American Cocker Spaniel   10 - 12 years   Beagle   11 - 13 years   Bichon Frise   10 - 13 years   Border Collie   12 - 14 y (MORE)

What dog has the longest life span?

There is no one breed that stands out as having the longest  lifespan, but small dogs usually live longer than larger  breeds.   "The dog widely reported to be the longes (MORE)

Are dogs good to your life?

Dog's are a man's best friends, of course they are, they are there to keep you company, so you never feel alone.
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