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What is the meaning of 'dogma'?

Dogma is a set of doctrines that relate to matters of morality and faith, instilled by a higher figure within a church.. dogmas are also teachings Dogma in the theological se (MORE)

What is central dogma?

The central dogma of molecular cell biology which explains the one way flow of information in a cell. DNA --> RNA --> Protein

What is dead dogma?

A dead dogma is an opinion or believe that is accepted as true by a community to the point where discussions about is cease. From that point onward it becomes what is known as (MORE)

What is the definition of dogma?

a religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof . a doctrine or code of beliefs accepted as authoritative; "he believed all the Marxist dogma"
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Will there be ever be a dogma 2?

Dogma 2 has not been announced, and considering the box office performance of Kevin Smith's last film, Cop Out, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Why central dogma called central dogma?

That was a somewhat satirical name Francis Crick gave to the process that he helped develop an elucidation of. There are no true dogmas in biology, though RNA -> DNA -> pro (MORE)

What is the salvation dogma?

The salvation dogma is the belief spoken of by St. Augustine ofHippo that no one can be saved outside of the Catholic Church. Noone, even if he shed his blood can be saved if (MORE)