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What is dead dogma?

A dead dogma is an opinion or believe that is accepted as true by a community to the point where discussions about is cease. From that point onward it becomes what is known as (MORE)
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What is an exception to the central dogma?

A brief on the central dogma first: double stranded DNA >> single stranded RNA >> proteins Some exceptions (or violations) to the central dogma of molecular biology are: S (MORE)

What does the central dogma of genetics mean?

The central dogma of genetics just explains the flow of genetic information. It goes from DNA to RNA to protein. The DNA carries the genetic information and is transcripted to (MORE)

What is the meaning of 'dogma'?

  Dogma is a set of doctrines that relate to matters of morality and faith, instilled by a higher figure within a church.     dogmas are also teachings Dogma in the (MORE)

What is a sentence for dogma?

The dogma of our religion makes much sense to us. No longer accepting the dogma established by his country's ruling class, he fled to the United States.
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What are the different dogmas of the Catholic Church?

  The best resource to answer your question is Dr Ludwig Ott's book Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma. However, if you google "Dogmas of the Catholic Church" you should be a (MORE)

What are involved in the updated central dogma?

The central dogma of molecular biology was first proposed by  Francis Crick in 1956. The updated view involves the new types of  functional RNAs that DNA has been able to en (MORE)

Is the film dogma suitable for children?

Not really, depending on how mature your kid is. I'd recommend it for 12 and up.
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What is the salvation dogma?

The salvation dogma is the belief spoken of by St. Augustine of  Hippo that no one can be saved outside of the Catholic Church. No  one, even if he shed his blood can be sav (MORE)