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What is doling?

doled , dol·ing , doles . 1. To dispense as charity. 2. To give out in small portions; distribute sparingly. doled , dol·ing , doles . 1. To dispense as chari (MORE)

What does doled out mean?

It means 'given out'. As in, "The boss doled out assignments to all the employees".
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Who is the undersecretary of dole?

Im familiar with 3: Usec Hans Leo J. Cacdac - Labor Relations Usec Danilo P. Cruz - Employment and Manpower Assistance Usec Lourdes M. Trasmonte - labor standards and (MORE)
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What is dole in Ireland?

Dole is an informal term used for payments made by the governmentto people who are unemployed.
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What is the dole in Australia?

It is dependant on financial circumstances, but basically it is $500 per fortnight whilst one is actively looking for work. Other benefits can be added to this amount. The ter (MORE)

What does it mean to dole?

If this is a combination of English (to) and Spanish (dole), it may refer to the verb 'doler' = to hurt; but the third person (he/she/it) of this verb, the part that ends (MORE)