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Who is on the US one dollar bill?

George Washington, the first president of the United States. Note that all current US bills have a caption underneath the pictures on each side that identifies the person or (MORE)

What are the measurements of a one dollar bill?

According to the US Treasury web-site: All denominations of paper currency notes printed since 1929 are the same size, measuring approximately 2.61 inches (6.63 centimeters) (MORE)

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Why is there an owl on the one dollar bill?

well... if i am correct... the first god ( besides Jesus )  in history was an owl.    Correction   The above statement is incorrect. In particular, in Christian  (MORE)

How is a one-dollar bill and a two-dollar bill alike?

They are the only two denominations that haven't been redesigned to use colored inks and incorporate extra security features. $1 bills were last redesigned in 1963 and $2 bi (MORE)

Is there a one million dollar bill?

There is no official 1 million dollar note ever produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP). There are nonnegotiable platinum certificates known as a "One Million D (MORE)

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Is there a spider on a one dollar bill?

Yes, there is a spider and an owl. The spider is at the  front in the top right corner at the right side of the 1 curve and  the owl is at the left 1 curve. Both are extreme (MORE)

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