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What can you do with 200 dollars?

A lot of things. Here's a list:    *Beats "Solo" by Dr. Dre   *iPod touch 5   *Samsung Galaxy S III   *Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas Shoes   *Save it
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Why is the dollar called a dollar?

The word "dollar" has a long history dating back to central Europe in the 15th century. Some of the first large-size silver coins were minted from metal mined in what is now (MORE)

What to with 400 dollars?

There are essentially two things you can do with $400--if you might need it quick, put it in a savings account; if you can sit on it for at least six months, US Savings Bonds (MORE)

What is e-dollar?

E dollar is use for the online money transaction like buying online, especially for the Forex Trading, Like Money booker, Paypal, Perfect money, Neteller, STP etc.

What is euro-dollars?

There is no such thing as the 'Euro  dollar'.     The Euro (symbol €) is the common  currency sponsored by the EU. As of 2012, the following countries  use the (MORE)

What president is on what dollar?

For US currency: See also the link below   * $1 - George Washington  * $2 - Thomas Jefferson  * $5 - Abraham Lincoln  * $10 - Alexander Hamilton (not a president, was Se (MORE)

Is there an Obama dollar?

No, there is not, at least not in the "real money that you can spend" world. There are, however, commemorative dollars that are sold to collectors, and some companies issue th (MORE)