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Why is the dollar called a dollar?

The word "dollar" has a long history dating back to central Europe in the 15th century. Some of the first large-size silver coins were minted from metal mined in what is now (MORE)

What is 1MM in dollars?

1MM in dollars is   1M=1K dollars   1MM=1Million dollars   1MMM=1Billion dollars
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What to with 400 dollars?

There are essentially two things you can do with $400--if you might need it quick, put it in a savings account; if you can sit on it for at least six months, US Savings Bonds (MORE)

What are bar dollars?

You could be referring to a variety of the 1890 CC Morgan dollar which has a "bar" connecting the wreath to the eagle's tail feathers. This was caused by a damaged die.   (MORE)

What is e-dollar?

E dollar is use for the online money transaction like buying online, especially for the Forex Trading, Like Money booker, Paypal, Perfect money, Neteller, STP etc.
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What are black dollars?

Money that African Americans used during slavery. They are worth 3/5 of the American currency, reflective of voting rights
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What is euro-dollars?

There is no such thing as the 'Euro  dollar'.     The Euro (symbol €) is the common  currency sponsored by the EU. As of 2012, the following countries  use the (MORE)

What president is on what dollar?

For US currency: See also the link below   * $1 - George Washington  * $2 - Thomas Jefferson  * $5 - Abraham Lincoln  * $10 - Alexander Hamilton (not a president, was Se (MORE)