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Why is a tomato a dolphin?

Actually, it is due to the growth relationship. You see, a tomato is actually a dolphin egg. While dolphins may be mammals, they are a member of the echidna genus, which is on (MORE)

Where are dolphins ears?

They use their jaws to hear because their teeth are placed in such a way that the vibrations tell them which direction the sound is coming from. Actually its ears are just be (MORE)

Are dolphins a mammal?

Yes, dolphins are mammals. Just like us. They do not have gills like fish, and have to come to the surface to breathe. They have live babies. They have fuzz on the top of thei (MORE)

How can dolphins be protected?

If we atop killing them to protect the hectors dolphin that is endangered is to do not throw your garbage or trash into the ocean water or either the sand
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How do you get a dolphin?

Preferably, you don't. . Dolphins are highly intelligent social animals. . They need Company of their own kind and they need something todo. . It takes a huge facility and (MORE)

Why does a dolphin migrate?

Dolphins migrate for several reasons. a) If the water is too cold, they go to a warmer place. b) For mating or c) For more food
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