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What are dolphins?

Answer:Dolphins are water mammals, they do not have gills are 2nd most intelligent animal alive. Dolphins are whale-like mammals that live in the oceans. They are considered v (MORE)

Does the dolphin die in dolphin tale?

No it gets caught in a fishing net and loses its tail. The tail gets replaced with a fake one and the dolphin lives happily. What really happened is that the dolphin caused (MORE)

How do you get a dolphin?

Preferably, you don't. . Dolphins are highly intelligent social animals. . They need Company of their own kind and they need something todo. . It takes a huge facility and (MORE)

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Do dolphins kill other dolphins?

Yes, species such as the Common Dolphin, Dusky, Purpoise, a much larger version of the Dolphin, and the Spotted Dolphin, will as part of pod activity, sadly sometimes kill oth (MORE)

How can dolphins eat dolphins?

well, the way that dolphins eat dolphins are...   ... they chew on another dolphins tail ... they eat a dolphin or... if their pod is starving, they pick on the weak dolphi (MORE)

What can dolphins do?

they can flip on their backs and also be friendly to people also have a big, smart brain to help capture food in seconds If they were born and raised in the wild, they can onl (MORE)