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What are dolphins?

Answer: Dolphins are water mammals, they do not have gills are 2nd most intelligent animal alive. Dolphins are whale-like mammals that live in the oceans. They are considered (MORE)

What can dolphins do?

they can flip on their backs and also be friendly to people also have a big, smart brain to help capture food in seconds If they were born and raised in the wild, they can onl (MORE)

Where are dolphins from?

Dolphins can be found anywhere in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Southern Ocean. (Only some can be found in the Indian Ocean somewhat near to India.)

What can dolphins can do?

they can swim, and jump out of the water. They can also use echo location to find fish. They can be used as therapy for people with disability's. They are amazing animals.

What do dolphins have on them?

A dolphin has blubber on them, the blubber is like a fatty layer of skin that helps to keep them warm in below 0 waters. their blubber is smooth and feels like rubber, and it (MORE)

Can you be a dolphin?

We human beings do not have the power to transform ourselves into other species. While it is possible, in a science fictional sense, to imagine technology that would make such (MORE)

What do dolphins have?

Dolphins have two flippers to stir them, a dorsal fin (a stiff fin on the top of their body) to keep them from spinning when they swim to fast and a tail called their "flukes" (MORE)

How do you get a dolphin?

Preferably, you don't. . Dolphins are highly intelligent social animals. . They need Company of their own kind and they need something todo. . It takes a huge facility and (MORE)