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How do you get a domain?

You simply have to go to a website that sells them to you!!!! A good domain selling website would be GoDaddy due to its large range of domain name endings (e.g. .com, .us, .mo (MORE)

What are domains?

A web domain is a means of identifying or addressing a particular device on a network. More importantly, a domain name can be used as a means of identifying a brand or o (MORE)

What is domaineering?

Domaineering is the online marketing business practice of acquiring and monetizing Internet domain names for their use primarily as an advertising medium rather than as intell (MORE)

What is is a domain?

In algebra, a function, is a mapping (or a relationship) between  two sets: the domain and the codomain (or range). To each element  of the domain, a function assigns one el (MORE)

What does domain do?

It just serves as a web address. domain is just the name of the Website address
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What is a domaineer?

According to Prof. William Lorenz, a domaineer is a person who  engages in domaineering which is the web-based marketing business  of acquiring generic Internet domain names (MORE)

What is domaining versus domaineering?

"Domaining" is defined as primarily speculating on Internet domain names as intellectual property investments for resale. Domaining may, but does not require, the use of domai (MORE)

What is collision domain and broadcast domain?

Collision domain, first what is a collision: Maybe the question you have is, what is the difference between a layer 2 and layer 3 broadcast. Collisions are considered part o (MORE)