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How do you get a domain?

You simply have to go to a website that sells them to you!!!! A good domain selling website would be GoDaddy due to its large range of domain name endings (e.g. .com, .us, .mo (MORE)

What are domains?

A web domain is a means of identifying or addressing a particular device on a network. More importantly, a domain name can be used as a means of identifying a brand or o (MORE)

What is domaineering?

Domaineering is the online marketing business practice of acquiring and monetizing Internet domain names for their use primarily as an advertising medium rather than as intel (MORE)
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What is is a domain?

In algebra, a function, is a mapping (or a relationship) betweentwo sets: the domain and the codomain (or range). To each elementof the domain, a function assigns one element (MORE)

What is a group domain or domain group?

RFC 3547 - The Group Domain of Interpretation Introduction This document presents an ISAMKP Domain of Interpretation (DOI) for group key management called the "Group Domain o (MORE)

What does domain do?

It just serves as a web address. domain is just the name of the Website address
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What is a domain and sub domain?

A domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet Domain Name System (DNS). . Technically, in (MORE)

What is a domain?

a domain is the name of a website you type into the URL is a domain, but answers itself is not!
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