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What kind of food do people eat in the dominican republic?

They eat rice and beans, but they also have their own traditional dishes such as 1) Sancocho 2) Mondongo 3) Mangú 4) Asopao 5) Moro de habichuelas Other traditiona (MORE)

Why did the US intervene in the Dominican Republic?

The US intervened in the Dominican Republic because a chaotic and  unstable political situation there was preventing the Dominican  Republic from paying back debts owed to t (MORE)

What are typical drinks in Dominican Republic?

Their drinks are amazing! Their traditional drink is called "Mama Juana". This drink is made by fermenting several different types of tree barks together. The mixture of tree (MORE)

Why is the Dominican republic called the Dominican republic?

The island of Hispaniola was the first New World colony settled by Spain. After various attempts to plant colonies along the northern coast of the island, Spain's first perman (MORE)