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Is there a sequel to Don Quixote?

Yes. What we now know as the adventures of Don Quixote actually are two books. Miguel de Cervantes had written the very successful Don Quixote and somebody else had written (MORE)

Who knights Don Quixote?

In the middle of dinner during chapter 3, Don Quixote realizes that he has not been properly knighted. He begs the innkeeper to do him the honor. The innkeeper notes Don Quixo (MORE)

What is the name of don quixote?

Don Quixote of La Mancha is the name adopted by the lesser noble Alonso Quijano upon his decision to become a knight errant.
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What was Don Quixote real name?

Alonso Quijano (or Quixano) is the real name of Don Quixote in the Miguel de Cervantes' novel. The full title Alonso Quijano vested on himself is "El ingenioso hidalgo don Q (MORE)

Who is don quixote and what does he do?

Don Quixote, also known as Don Quijote, is a 55 year old man who read books about knights in armor and chivalry. He becomes insane from reading the books and travels around wi (MORE)

Is Don Quixote crazy?

This is really just a matter of opinion and a...unsmart question. Crazy people think he's awesome and normal people understand that he's a lunatic....but hey, that's the whole (MORE)

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