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Did Lola Rein Kaufman die?

No. Lola Kaufman is alive and thriving. She lives in New York State and is the author of 'The Hidden Girl', a memoir of her Holocaust years published by Scholastic.
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Did Andy Kaufman fake his death?

Yes and no. Just like Tony Clifton, Kaufman switched identities  with cancer stricken Nathan McCoy. Nathan died with Andy's name.  Andy, a devout Buddhist, vanished with Nat (MORE)
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How did Andy Kaufman died?

You mean how did Andy Kaufman die? He died of lung cancer, though  their is a conspiracy theory that he is still alive considering he  only smoked a little when he was young (MORE)
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Sunday in the park - bel kaufman?

It is a short story about "The Man". Women traditionally look to men as their protectors , Bel Kaufman makes this his major target. The story expresses how society now has sof (MORE)
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Is Andy Kaufman still alive?

I have done lots of research on Andy and he said that if he were to  fake his death (meaning he would be alive today) that he would  return 20 years later... so he died in 1 (MORE)

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