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How is it done?

When you finance or lease a vehicle, your creditor holds important rights on the vehicle until you've made the last loan payment or fully paid off your lease obligation. These (MORE)
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Something done in secret is done?

Something done in secret is done underground, stealthily, surruptitiously, clandestinely, confidentially, covertly, slyly, furtively, sub rosa, sub judice, privately, in confi (MORE)

How is a baptism done why is it done?

a baptism is done by praying for God to forgive you and set you free from all of you addictions,sins...etc then you get dunked under water and when you come up the old is gone (MORE)
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How is moonwalk done?

You just type /moonwalk in the talking bar. Have a good time and plz add me! Vampirechick693

Why were sacrifices done?

To confess your faith for something. People in the old testament used to offer them to false gods as a peace offering or as a way of asking for forgiveness of sins.

Euthanasia why is it done?

Ostensibly Euthanasia's is carried out to put to an end the life of a person that no longer wishes to live. it usually refers to instances where the person to be Euthanized is (MORE)
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What is done to melanthios?

His ears are cut off with a knife then his genitals are ripped off for the dogs. Then his hands and feet are hacked off.

What is a donee?

A donee is the person or entity to which a thing is given. A donor is the person or entity who gives it.