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How is subnetting done?

Read the book Network+ by Todd Lammle. I still need to perfect it though... or there is a three step process to do which dumbs it down into a super easy process that works. (MORE)

How is mating done?

In animals, mating is done when a female and male come together.  The sperm from the male and the ovum from the female fuse to create  a new organism.

Why earthing is done?

Earthing is done to make electrical appliances safe and secure, from immediate shock or lightning that may affect building.

Photosynthesis is done by?

    Plants that have chlorophyll inside it (a green pigment). Chlorophyll is needed to get sun's light for the energy needed to convert water and carbon dioxide into g (MORE)
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How is angiography done?

Under sedation and local anaesthetic, a needle is introduced from the groin artery. A catheter is then introduced which is guided towards the heart. Once it reaches the heart (MORE)
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Why research is done?

research is done to know the reason behind the that can be useful for the benefit of all the people.if it has harmful effects than it will forbid us to use a (MORE)

What is the meaning of I am done?

The phrase "I am done" can have a literal meaning, i.e. I have finished. The slang usage means that you are tired (e.g. from work). I am exhausted. The poetical usage is e (MORE)
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What is work done?

Work done is used as a term to communicate that a predetermined task has been completed OR to specifify a percentage of the task completed by saying that work done is at (f.i. (MORE)

What has WikiLeaks done?

WikiLeaks has revived the debate about freedom of the press, and it has put may people in danger everywhere. It released thousands of classified documents, and cannot be shut (MORE)
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How Earth is done?

Maybe by a volcanic explosions, because many scientists says the earth came from a giant volcanic explosions
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