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What is a donkey?

A donkey is a really intelligent animal but, is thought to be dumb and stupid because they look like it.. A donkey is the domesticated ass. A descendant from the African wild ( Full Answer )
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What are donkeys?

They are descendants of the African wild ass. They have been domesticated for at least 5000 years and perform the same transportation functions as the horse but are more adapt ( Full Answer )
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What does donkeys do?

Donkeys join the Russian mofia, and try to kill everyone. If u ever see a donkey, run for your life, or die trying. They have a digestive system that can burn your eyes out. ( Full Answer )
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Who is donkey?

Donkey is one of the main characters in all of the "Shrek" movies. He befriends Shrek and shares in all of Shrek's adventures.
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How do you know if a donkey is a donkey?

I take it you mean whether its a donkey or a horse? Donkeys have bigger ears than horses and their body shape doesn't tend to be as pronounced (this is especially noticable in ( Full Answer )
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Why do they call him Donkey Kong if he is not a donkey?

In 1981, Nintendo was pursuing a license to make a game based on the comic strip. When this fell through, Nintendo decided th ( Full Answer )
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Is Donkey Kong a donkey?

Donkey Kong is not a donkey. He is a gorilla. He was named Donkey Kong so he would appear less frightning. Apes can be frightning. Donkeys, not really.
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Will a donkey and miniature donkey bond?

Most likely, yes. Unless they are both Jacks (Males) they should bond. The type of donkey does not change their attitude.
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Is there a female donkey and a male donkey?

yes there is. If a donkey & a horse have sex they create a mule .. and if a horse & a donkey have sex they have a hinney :P
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What can a donkey do?

Female donkeys are used to protect goats and other animals from coyotes. Males are normally not used for this as they might attack the animals. Some donkeys are used as compan ( Full Answer )