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Who is Donna Kshir?

Donna Kshir (Shear) is certified in Child Abuse Awareness,  Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention, Intimate Partner Violence and a  Mandated Reporter. She is also a columnist fo (MORE)
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Donna and i or Donna and me which is correct?

"Donna and I" is the correct form if used as the subject of the sentence (as in "Donna and I went for a walk."). "Donna and me" is used as the object ("She will call Donna and (MORE)

What does Donna mean?

  'Donna' is an Italian name which means "lady." In Italy, they pronounce the name 'Dona' I should know this because MY name is Donna...
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What is a buffalo?

A buffalo is a large wild cloven-hooved ruminating herbivore that  are relatives of the domestic bovine. There are several species of  buffalo:     (Asian) water b (MORE)

Who is Donna Summer?

Answer   Donna Summer (born LaDonna Adrian Gaines on December 31 1948) is a Grammy Award-winning American singer, songwriter, and occasional actress, best known for a str (MORE)

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Does buffalo sauce have buffalo?

Typically not. Buffalo sauce is a type of tangy hot sauce often used on cooked chicken wings. It may have ingredients similar to barbecue sauces: a hot sauce (such as tabasco) (MORE)

Who was Donna conn?

Donna Conn was an American actress born in California. She is known  for her brief role in the television series "Leave it to Beaver".

Who is Donna Loren?

Donna Loren (born March 7, 1947) is an American singer and actress. A very prolific performer in the 1960s, starting while still attending Venice High School in western Los An (MORE)