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Is Donna reed still alive?

Reed died of pancreatic cancer in Beverly Hills, California on January 14, 1986, thirteen days short of her 65th birthday. She had been diagnosed with the terminal illness thr (MORE)

What does 'prima Donna' mean?

A Primadonna is basically someone how always wants to be In the centre of attention and always gets what they want.
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Where does the name Donna come from?

  Donna is Italian for Lady, as in Prima Donna, First lady ( usually applied to Opera stars) It is the polite prefix for a woman. Donna also derives from Madonna, the term (MORE)

Why is Buffalo NY called Buffalo?

It is said that the city of Buffalo, New York, is named after the creek that flows through it -- Buffalo Creek. The origin of the Creek's name is unknown, although there are s (MORE)

Were there buffalo in Buffalo NY?

Yes and there still are in the zoo and on the side of the road and all over (: .rL. There are no Buffalo in Western New York and the city of Buffalo except for at the zoo an (MORE)

Who was Donna conn?

Donna Conn was an American actress born in California. She is known  for her brief role in the television series "Leave it to Beaver".