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Are transformers ecstasy dopey or speedy?

honestly you need more info for this to be answered but most likely speed, im not saying dope is nonexistence in ecstasy but not very common will help you find (MORE)
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Is bashful or dopey a concrete noun?

The words bashful and dopey are adjectives. The proper nounsBashful and Dopey (two of the seven dwarfs) are proper nouns, namesof characters, but are concrete nouns (fictitiou (MORE)

Does dopey ever talk?

yes dopey does talk you just have to open up your ears and pay attention to the movie because he talks really low so you can't really hear him all you have to do is watch his (MORE)

In Snow White does dopey the dwarf talk?

He only talks once in the whole movie. When Snow White is leaving with her prince at the end of the movie, he tries very hard to talk and manages to stammer, "G-goodbye, Snow (MORE)
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Who made dopey?

Dopey is a cartoon character in the Disney version of Snow White. He is one of the seven dwarfs. There was also something in the comedy line- probably radio, called Ocky Bock (MORE)

Is dopey a name?

It's more of an adjective, but it could be a name, although not a very nice one. One of the Disney dwarfs was called Dopey, because that was the way he acted.