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Did Dorothea Dix involved with slavery?

Dorothea Dix was personally not a huge fan of the anti-slavery  movements occurring during the 'era of the Lyceum'. Since she  traveled through all of the states to make ref (MORE)

What was Dorothea Dixs childhood like?

Well her father was an abusive alcoholic and her mother was overwhelmed by poverty and raising children. She had to take care of two younger brothers. However her father did t (MORE)

Why was Dorothea Dix named Dragon Dix?

Dorothea Dix was named Dragon Dix because of the rules she made for the woman about becoming a nurse.
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Who was Dorothea Lange?

Dorothea Lange (May 26, 1895 to October 11, 1965) was an influential documentary photographer. Lange is best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administra (MORE)

What were Dorothea Dix's accomplishments?

Dorthea Dix made distinct contributions toward the care of the mentally ill throughout her career. A former school teacher in Massachusetts, she often visited and taught Sunda (MORE)

Why is Dorothea Lange important?

she was important because her contribution to art was enormous. all her pictures are relevant to the topic at hand and anyone can tell if Dorothea took the picture because of (MORE)
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What did Dorothea Dix believe in?

Head of the Union Army Nurse Corps during the Civil War, she was an activist for indigent (poor) people that were mentally ill, and helped create the first of the mental asylu (MORE)

How did Dorothea Dix die?

Her exact cause of death is not really recorded but since she was  85 when she died we can assume it was essentially "old age" or "age  related".
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How did Dorothea Lange become famous?

Dorothea Lange was a famous female photographer who was commissioned to take photos of the citizens of the United States during the Great Depression of the 1930s.
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