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What does 'Dorothy' mean?

Dorothy means Gift of God, in Greek. The original Greek form is Dorothea, from 'doron' for 'gift' and 'theos' for 'God'. It's the feminine equivalent of the masculine name The (MORE)
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Is Yancy Thigpen currently married?

It's actually Yancey Thigpen, yes his is married with 3 children, currently residing in Charlotte, NC.

How did Dorothy get out of oz?

With the magic of the Wicked Witch's ruby (in some versions it's silver) slippers, she was able to click her heels three times and be magically sent home. The slippers were lo (MORE)

Who was Dorothy Good?

Dorothy Good (actual name Dorcas Good) was the daughter of Sarah Goode, one of those convicted as a witch in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Dorcas, although only 4 years old (MORE)

Why does Percy Jackson attend Yancy Academy?

First of all, the school specializes in people with "problems", and Percy seems to be one of those people. Plus, it is one of the only schools he is accepted in because he's b (MORE)

What rhymes with Dorothy?

Dorothy •Cathy•Iolanthe, Xanthe•McCarthy • breathy•healthy, stealthy, wealthy•lengthy•heathy, Lethe•pithy • filthy•bothy, frothy, mothy, wrathy•toothy• (MORE)