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Where is Dorset?

Dorset is on the south coast of the UK to the east of Devon and to the west of The isle of Wight.
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Is London in dorset?

No, London is almost its own county. Dorset is on the south coast to the east of the Devon and to the west of the Isle of Wight. London is closer to the eastern coast of the U (MORE)

Does dorset have a beach?

Yes, lots of them, rocky, sandy and cliffs. A whole variaty of them. Best one is Bournemouth/Sandbanks very sandy and clean gets lots of awards. also visit Chesil beach a (MORE)
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Is Dorset a town?

no it's a county on the south coast of England.Main town is Bournemouth.County town is Dorchester.

Where is Dorset coast?

south coast of England.The best bit is the Jurassic Coast which is a world heritage site.Lots of walks stunning views great beaches including the famous Chesil beach.Weymouth (MORE)
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Where about is poole dorset?

poole is a town in dorset, probably one of the biggest. it has the 2nd biggest natural harbour in the world, the biggest is sydney harbour. it is located in dorset, a county t (MORE)
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Should you move to Pulham in Dorset?

You should move to Pulham in Dorset! I live in Pulham and i love it. There is a small local pub called The Halsey Pub and they do delicious home cooked pub food. There (MORE)

How was Dorset coastline formed?

The Dorset coastline was formed by coastal erosion, using attrition, hydraulic action and the shear force waves. The Headlands and bays are formed by the strength of the rock. (MORE)

What does dorset means?

Dorset is a southern country in England on the English Channel. Formore information please see its wikipedia article.