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How do you get to dos?

In any windows version, click start -> run and enter cmd or command to start DOS prompt.. Answer 1. If you are using Windows 98: click start, Shut down, select restart in (MORE)

What is DOS?

DOS is an abbreviation for Disk Operating System. Historically, not all operating systems ran off of floppy disks or hard drives, so ones that included this functionality ofte (MORE)

How is doing nothing doing something?

One theory of choice is that you have two courses of action in any circumstance : do something or do nothing. By doing nothing, you tacitly allow things to occur without your (MORE)
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What you are doing?

What are you doing its answer so simple,whatever you are doing reply you are doing a job,you are reading a book,you are eating the food,so and so,but it is not an answer in re (MORE)

Why are the kids doing the bullying doing it?

To make themselves feel better. Bullies are immature people. They like feeling powerful, and makingother people afraid and unhappy makes them feel powerful. They arenot matur (MORE)

What is DOS or PC DOS?

DOS and PC DOS are different. When we say DOS, it means Microsoft DOS or MS DOS whereas PC DOS is the different operating system (older than MS-DOS) developed by IBM. The term (MORE)