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How is blockbuster doing?

It's not doing well as it was in 90s. A big competition called RedBox and Netflix and also the high number of "teens" that "steal" movies from internet are the cause of many B (MORE)

What is MS-DOS?

MS-DOS is an operating system designed for the IBM PC by Microsoft in 1981. MS DOS is Microsoft Disk Operating System. It was a command-line interface, meaning the user had to (MORE)

What are you doing in Arabic?

What are you doing : in formal arabic it --> matha tafa'al ,,, written this way : ماذا تفعل؟ in the non-formal arabic which is more familiar --> sho bte'emal ?? (MORE)

What is 'What are you doing' in French?

Que fais-tu is a French equivalent of 'What are you doing'. The interrogative 'que' means 'what'. The verb 'fais' means '[you] are doing or making, do do or make, do or make'. (MORE)

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What does a job worth doing is worth doing well mean?

It means that if you can think of any task you think should be done, even if only out of necessity, then that task is worth your best effort. It could also mean that if there (MORE)

What is a DoS attack?

DoS stands for 'Denial of Service'. A DoS attack is a way of attacking a system such that service to any other legitimate request is denied, or hampered to the point where it (MORE)

What is the difference between DOS and DOS shell?

    DOS is just the operating system just like Windows XP. DOS SHELL is a program in DOS in which you can browse files and open them, etc. Just generally an easier way (MORE)