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What is the meaning of dot in dot net?

How the Microsoft .Net ?Name has come? Is there any reason dot before Net? for example Java having some history behind name so like wise is there any reason putname like .net (MORE)

What is the meaning of a dot dot dot after a sentence?

This is called an ellipsis and indicates the omission or suppression of words, or parts of words, as in "I'd write more on the subject, but . . . . " or "I'd write more . . (MORE)

What is dotting?

Dotting in cooking terms means to apply small chunks or dots ofbutter over food. when the butter is dotted, it is allowed tospread during the cooking process.
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Why do you dot an i?

You dot the letter 'i' because the letter 'i' was originally written that way in lower case, so we must always dot the lower case letter 'i'.
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How many dots does dot paper have?

do the x axis times the y axis to find how many dots dot paper has. ----I don't think paper has dots.......i like dots and paper..they dnt look to shabby together though..- (MORE)

What does dot dot dot mean in math?

"dot dot dot" is an ellipsis. It means that the number continues in the way shown to infinity. For instance, the decimal 0.33333... which results from 1/3 carries on giving 3s (MORE)