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What is a polka dot?

A polka dot is a design. There are polka dots on cakes, wrapping paper, food, candy, clothes, bags and much, much more. I hope I answered your question. They can look like thi (MORE)

How can you find out if there is a dot recordable accident on your record?

You can go to your Department of Motor Vehicles or whatever the name of the department is in your state and request a copy of your MVR. The bad news is that the information in (MORE)

What is the Definition of a dot recordable accident?

  The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates the commercial motor vehicle industry (people and companies who drive vehicles for a living). They have a set of regulat (MORE)

What is dotting?

Dotting in cooking terms means to apply small chunks or dots of  butter over food. when the butter is dotted, it is allowed to  spread during the cooking process.

What are dot diagrams?

There are two types of diagrams one is the Lewis diagram the other is the Electron dot diagram. To make the electron dot diagram you put the electron symbol and put a dot on o (MORE)

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What is dot pitch?

Dot pitch is a specification for a computer display, computer printer, image scanner, or other pixel-based device that describes the distance, for example, between dots (sub-p (MORE)

What is Dot planning?

This may be Dept of Transportation planning. This ensures compliance to DOT rules and regulations on state and federal level.
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What is to dot with butter?

If a recipe asks you to dot the top of something with butter, you are to take the amount of butter called for in the recipe and cut it up into small pieces (maybe 1/4) and sca (MORE)