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When did Edouard Manet marry Suzanne Leenhoff both month and year?

  On October 28, 1863, Manet married Suzanne Leenhoff. She was a musician that had been hired by Manet's father to give Edouard and his brother piano lessons. Edouard and (MORE)
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What are the benefits of using an electromagnet rather than a bar manet?

An electro-magnet can be switched on & off - a bar magnet is 'permanent' Think of a scrap-yard. If the magnet they use to pick up huge quantities of metal were permanent, they (MORE)

What does 'Manet omnes una nox estacao' mean?

The Latin sentence 'Manet omnes una nox estacao' contains an error. For the word 'estacao' is Portuguese for 'post, season, station or stay'. The word-by-word translation of t (MORE)

What style of painting did Edward Manet use?

  Edouard Manet is known as an impressionist, though he did not personally consider himself as one, he painted 'en plein air', in other words outside. in comparison to wor (MORE)