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How do you make cheese fondue without double boiler?

Put a pan filled with water on your stove and put it to a boil. Then put another equally or bigger sized pot on top of that with the cheese in it. The hot steam will melt the (MORE)
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Why do you get air in boiler?

Few answers to this, dependant on system type + fittings etc. the most common is an old system, in need of a good clean- corrosion of the metals cause by the oxygen in water r (MORE)

What is a sope boiler?

A "sope-boiler" is an occupation that was held in pre-industrial revolution era. It is to do with candle-making and is apart of the process of making such important light givi (MORE)
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What is MCR of boilers?

MCR: Steam boilers rated output is also usually defined as MCR (Maximum Continuous Rating). This is the maximum evaporation rate that can be sustained for 24 hours and may be (MORE)

What is boiler?

Boiler is an energy conversion device, the energy input to the boiler with the fuel chemical energy, electrical energy, high-temperature flue gas heat, etc., and after boiler (MORE)

What is a double boiler?

A double boiler is a two pot cooking device. The bottom pot holds water. The top pot is smaller (usually with a lid) and fits into the bottom pot. When the water in the bottom (MORE)

Why supercritical boiler are drumless boilers?

Answer to this question is very simple as the meaning of pressure is force on unit area, so more units of area or simply more area of a vessel containing a pressurized fluid i (MORE)