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1904 double eagle vf 1 oz gold coin?

A double eagle is a $20 U. S. gold coin. The one ounce .999 fine gold Eagle was not minted in 1904. A Double Eagle is a gold coin from the U. S. with a denomination of $20. It (MORE)
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What is a Double Double?

Basketball A double-double is achieved when a player scores 10 or more in two of the following categories: Points, Assists, or Rebounds and sometimes Steals or Blocks. A tripl (MORE)

How can a team score 2 triples 1 double and 3 singles in one inning without scoring a run?

That is immpossible because if you hit a triple you have a guy on third. Then if you hit another triple then the runner scores because you force him/her to go off the base to (MORE)
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How much would you earn for 30 days if you were to make 1 penny and doubling up every day for 30 days?

  536,870,912 +     268,435,456 +     134,217,728 +     67,108,864 +     33,554,432 +     16,777,216 +     8,388,608 +     (MORE)

What is the difference between a pun and double-entendre?

Pun : play on words: a humorous use of words that involves a word or phrase that has more than one possible meaning.... Pun is a fun...   Double entendre The Oxford Engli (MORE)

Double-double in basketball?

When a player hits double digits in two out of five categories  during a game, this is called a double-double. If he hits double  digits in three out of five categories is i (MORE)

The compound 1-butyne contains a single or triple or double bond?

1-butyne contains a triple bond which can be fugured out from the name butYNE. Number one in the front means that the triple bond is between the first and second carbon atom.
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