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1904 double eagle vf 1 oz gold coin?

A double eagle is a $20 U. S. gold coin. The one ounce .999 fine gold Eagle was not minted in 1904. A Double Eagle is a gold coin from the U. S. with a denomination of $20. It (MORE)

If you start with 1 penny and double your money every day how much will you have in 30 days?

It depends on whether you count the first day in the 30 days. If you have one cent and on the "first day" you have 2 cents, and as day 1 is equal to 21 then your value on day (MORE)

If the bases are loaded 1 out ground ball double play does the run count?

  No. In a standard ground out double play, where all outs are force outs, no runs can score on the play. If however the force was removed before completing the double pla (MORE)

What is a mnemonic device for double entendres?

Mnemonic devices are jingles, songs, and other methods used to memorize things. For example, My Mother Eats Veggies could be a mnemonic device for remembering the first four p (MORE)

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What is the difference between a pun and double-entendre?

Pun : play on words: a humorous use of words that involves a word or phrase that has more than one possible meaning.... Pun is a fun...   Double entendre The Oxford Engli (MORE)
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What is 1865 type 1 model 95 double derringer-value?

Depends on model and variation, there 4 variations of the 1st type / 1st and 2nd model, then there's condition, condition, and condition! The 1st type 1st model has writing (MORE)

Are 2 strands of double knitting equal to 1 of chunky?

Unfortunately, both dk and chunky yarns vary in thickness quite a lot. In general, two strands of dk would be slightly thicker than most chunkies. If your pattern is not too s (MORE)