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Double the pleasure double the fun?

Slogan and jingle for Doublemint gum made by Wrigley"s. actually the jingle went Double Your Pleasure, Double your fun, with double good double mint double mint gum! some cart (MORE)

What is a double double in basketball?

Double-double is a basketball term, defined as an individual performance in a game in which a player accumulates a double digit number total in any two of these categories: po (MORE)

What does a double double mean in basketball?

That means a player has gotten 10 or more in two statistical categories. If a player scores 21 points and grabs 13 rebounds, it is called a double double. If a player grabs 12 (MORE)

What is a Double Double?

Basketball A double-double is achieved when a player scores 10 or more in two of the following categories: Points, Assists, or Rebounds and sometimes Steals or Blocks. A tri (MORE)
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What does LP and Double LP mean when talking about records?

LP= Long Playing. Originally, back in the early to mid 1900's, records were played at 78 rpm (Revolutions per Minute), and you only could fit one song on each side of the reco (MORE)

Double-double in basketball?

When a player hits double digits in two out of five categories  during a game, this is called a double-double. If he hits double  digits in three out of five categories is i (MORE)

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