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How do you get rid of flying squirrels living under floor of your doublewide in the insulation?

Aha! I just had this problem this past summer, but it was just the normal squirrels. My husband had to rent a trap (won't harm the squirrels)and put a lump of peanut butter in (MORE)

How much does a 24 x 48 doublewide mobile home weight?

A way to roughly estimate: I've read before that every tire on a mobile home is designed to support 1 ton (2000 pounds), and the trailer hitch is also made to support 1 ton. S (MORE)

Doublewide home vs. mobile home?

Where I live, in British Columbia, they are almost all 14' wide and mostly 48, 56 and 68 ' long. That gives you 672, 784 or 952 sq, ft. -Some people 'double up' the shorter u (MORE)