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What is douching?

That is a method used to rinse out the vaginal interior. You use a mild solution. Most are prepackaged and ready to use now, insert the little end and rinse out the interior a ( Full Answer )
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What are in douches?

Generally, feminine douches are made from water and vinegar, waterand iodine, or water and baking soda, Sometimes a fragrance isadded as well.
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Is douching healthy?

Nope, quite the contrary! When douching you change the flora of the vagina which makes it easier to get infections. The vagina is self cleaning and should never be washed.
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What are douches used for?

A douche is used to gently cleanse inside a vagina by squirting a solution of mild soap and water into it. It is commonly recommended by gynecologists to avoid using any type ( Full Answer )
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What is the point of douching?

Women do it because they mistakenly believe it gives many benefits. Women who do say they do it to: Clean the vagina Rinse away blood after monthly periods Get rid of o ( Full Answer )
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Is douching unhealthy?

Hello,. From what i know off yes douching is unhealthy as it rinses all your normal body fluids away, your body fluids(vaginal fluid) are there to protect your body from infe ( Full Answer )
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How do you anal douch?

a turkey baster will work, gently inserted it will aid in relaxing and stretching, when used "doggy style"
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Do douches expire?

All health care products have an expiration date. You will find it printed on the container or package.
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Is douching okay?

Although it's not dangerous, it's also not good for you. It canmess up your pH balance and cause a lot of bad smelling discharge.We are supposed to have a normal amount of dis ( Full Answer )
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Can douching be harmful?

Yes! The vagina is selfcleaning so douching is not necessary and it can mess up the natural flora of the vagina and make it easier for you it get infections. If you do it beca ( Full Answer )