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Is horror a verb?

Horror is a noun, referring to an emotion. The verb horrify means "to cause horror." Examples: He felt horror at the sight of the dead rat in the restaurant kitchen. The pr (MORE)
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What is horror literature?

Horror fiction, horror literature and also horror fantasy is a genre of literature, which is intended to, or has the capacity to frighten its readers, scare or startle viewers (MORE)

What movie is a horror movie about horror movies?

A horror movie about a horror movie is almost certainly Terror in the Aisles (1984), which is a horror-documentary narrated by Donald Pleasence, who starred in Halloween (1978 (MORE)
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What is psychological horror?

Its a type of horror that's so scary that it puts you in denial of its scariness. You go for weeks denying that it was scary and after a certain period of time, you snap and g (MORE)
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What is a horror film?

A horror film is driven by a villain (mortal, supernatural or  otherwise) that kills/stalks the cast. Vampire films, zombie films  and monster films are by definition horror (MORE)
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Why read horror?

For some people, if u read it like at night alone or you just read it period, you feel more in the movie and you feel more suspence and even sometimes its more scarier. readin (MORE)
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Is horror an adverb?

No. Horror is a noun. The related adjective is "horrible" and the  adverb is "horribly."   There is also a related adjective "horrendous" with the adverb form  "horrendo (MORE)

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