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What douse ancient mean?

The word "ancient" is an adjective. It means: 1.Having lasted from a remote period; having been of long duration; of great age; very old; existent or occurring in time long p (MORE)

What douse summary mean?

A summary is a simple recap of a story. It's usually aboutthe length of a paragraph or so, and it shouldn't be too detailed; it should simply get the message or main idea acro (MORE)
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Why douse black soil crack?

Not all black soils crack. The ones that are known to crack are classified as Vertisols by US Soil Taxonomy. They contain large amounts of shrink-swell clays known as smectite (MORE)
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What douse the hermit crab eat?

they eat krill and mini fish (edit) This depends on the species of hermit crab. Some of them are omnivores and herbivores, and they eat algae and debris.

What douse the name kelsey mean?

KELSEY: KELSEY: A very smart, sweet girl with lots of things on her mind. She may seem distracted a lot and that's because she is most of the time. Very creative and somet (MORE)