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What level douse riolu evolves at?

riolu does not evolve by level you have to make it happy by training during the day so avoid training at night, give it lots of massages in veilstone city, feed it zinc, carbo (MORE)
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How douse the sun help your skin?

if the skin is synthesized by sunlight, vitamin-d is produced.this way the sun helps the body
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How douse the flower benefit to the bee?

When the bee collects the nectar from the plant it transports some of the nectar in other places which makes other plants grow. Another way is that bee uses plants to make hon (MORE)

What douse hazard mean?

Hazard means danger or harmful. Like, when you see a sticker on a battery that says "Hazard" on it, you wouldn't open it or anything, because it is a hazard. (or to be more sp (MORE)
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What douse a dash look like?

It depends upon what kind of a dash one has in mind. A hyphen is sometimes called a dash and it looks like this: - , but a dash can also mean a small amount of a powder or par (MORE)