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How do doves get pregnant?

They are organisms that require sexual activity to reproduce. The process is the same in all birds: Males try to get attention from females until they accept to have sexual co (MORE)

Where are doves found?

Really anywhere but not in extreme cold or hot. See the Related Links for more information on the distribution of doves and pigeons.

How do you know if a dove is a diamond dove?

A diamond dove is classified by it's size, call, and markings. These doves are typically the size of a canary or budgie and, while they come in a variety of coloration you're (MORE)
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Do doves hibernate?

Yes, Doves do hibernate for a period of sevan weeks over the winter, usually starting in mid december. Usually, groups of twelve hibernate together, enjoying the closeness and (MORE)
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What does the dove have to do with Easter?

If your religious Jesus was baptised and the Holy Spirit came down in the form of a white dove to land on his shoulder. This ties into Jesus being crucified on the cross on Go (MORE)

What is doving?

Since, Dove is a type of pigeon, which is a symbol of peace, therefore it may be possible that doving means distributing peace by any activity.