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What county is Dover in?

Dover is in the county of Kent, England. In the US it depends on which Dover you are looking for: Dover, Massachusetts is in Norfolk County. Dover, New Hampshire is in Str (MORE)

What is the closest airport to Dover DE?

The nearest major airport is Philadelphia International Airport (PHL / KPHL). This airport has international and domestic flights from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is about (MORE)

What is the distance in England from Andover to Dover?

The distance in England from Andover, Hampshire, to Dover is 141 miles. That equals 227 kilometers and about 2-1/4 hours in driving time.
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Where are the White Cliffs of Dover located?

The White Cliffs of Dover belong to the North Downs Formation along the English coastline. They face the Strait of Dover and France and are along the English Channel.
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