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Dover to France?

The distance from Dover to France is 459 miles. The estimated  travel time is approximately 7 hours and 13 minutes by car.

What is in Dover Delaware?

 The Delaware Capitol.  The Green.  Dover Air Force Base.  Delaware State University.  Wesley College.  Dover International Speedway.   What you will not find is an (MORE)
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Where is Dover Located?

Maryland but im not sure where it is on a map cuz that was my question lol Answer 2 Dover is also a place on the south coast of England. Which one do you mean?
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What state is Dover in?

Dover is a city that is located in the state of Delaware. Dover is  the county seat of Kent County and had a population of 36,047 as of  2010.

What county is Dover in?

Dover is in the county of Kent, England. In the US it depends on which Dover you are looking for: Dover, Massachusetts is in Norfolk County. Dover, New Hampshire is in Str (MORE)
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Where is dover castle?

  Dover castle is located in Dover, Kent, England. The castles Post code is CT16 1HU‎   In the county of Kent, UK
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Is Dover in Britain?

Dover is in Britain, you can find the town in the South East of  England, directly across the English Channel from Calais.
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What are the Dover publications?

Dover Publications is a company that sells a wide range of books. They sell books in many different genres such as children's, coloring, romance, action, adventure.
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