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What are some stores in the dover mall?

sears,old navy,jc pennys,macys,aeropostale,boscovs,pac sun,limited too,the shoe dept.,kids foot locker,lady foot locker,and regular footlocker,finish line,spencers,a nail shop (MORE)

What do the cliffs symbolize in Dover Beach?

The cliffs are made of chalky limestone, and since they can be easily broken down. This directly refers to the idea that the world is so vulnerable and easily broken down thro (MORE)

How do the women react to Dover Beach?

The women are at first incredulous and think that Montag is joking. When they realize that he is serious they grow increasingly uncomfortable and fidgety until Mrs. Phelps eve (MORE)

Why are the White cliffs of Dover white?

Because they are made from chalk (calcium carbonate) which is a white material. The truth is that they are really not that white. If you looked closely you would find that s (MORE)
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How many turrets does dover castle have?

It has 16 : Dover had 16 main towers : Rokesley's Tower Fulbert's Tower Hurst's Tower Say's Tower Gattons's Tower Peverell's Tower and Gate House Queen Mary's Tower Con (MORE)

How many miles from Birmingham to dover?

Birmingham, Alabama is approximately 739 miles away from Dover,  Delaware. A flight would take about 2 hours to complete on a  commercial airline.
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Where is the Dover Castle located?

Dover Castle is a castle located in the town of Dover. Dover is in Kent county in the country of England. It is the largest castle in England and is known as the "Key to Engla (MORE)