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The Dove and the Hawks?

The labeling of "the Doves" or "the Hawks" is a reference to two different political parties during the Vietnam War. They were not the type of political to vote for, but one t (MORE)

During Vietnam what were the hawks vs doves?

During the Vietnam War, America was split in half (not literally of course). One side was called the Hawks and they were the side that wanted to increase military force and se (MORE)
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Who were Hawks and Doves?

During the Vietnam War, the country was divided into two sections,  the ones who wanted the war, and those who didn't. The Hawks wanted  the war and the Doves were against i (MORE)

What were the positions of the war hawks and war doves?

War hawks and war doves are on opposite sides. In a debate over  whether or not to go to war, the people favoring war are referred  to as hawks. Those opposed to going to wa (MORE)