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Why are tattoos not commonly seen on the backside of heels from the Achilles tendon down?

Heel tattoos uncommon because That area of skin is very thin for starters. It's a hard area to get to hold ink very well. The majority of the time ink will bleed right out ins (MORE)

What is the heel of the truss?

  Answer   The heel of the truss is the end of the truss that sets on the exterior wall. If you've been shopping for trusses, you've probably heard the term: " Energy (MORE)

Why would you experience heel pain when lying down?

  There are lots of reasons. Sometimes if someone has been putting a lot of weight on their foot, a sudden release from that can cause a sudden pain. Or someone could have (MORE)
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Why do your heels crack?

Because the skin is extremely dry. You put weight constantly on your feet, so the dry skin cracks and is very hard to heal. Moisturise the skin and put socks on at night; also (MORE)

What is galium-heel?

  Galium-Heel is a blend of several supportive homeopathic remedies for the immune system that relieves symptoms, it combats stubborn viral infections,speeds recovery from (MORE)

What are high heel?

Honey you don't know what high heel shoes are? Generally it refers the shoes that are higher than the toes. They raise the heel of the wearer's foot. They can be worn with ski (MORE)
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Where is the heel of the pig?

A pig's heel is suspended near the top third of their hind legs.  They are the bony protrusions on the back of the hind legs that  "bow" outward.

What is a heel on a knife for?

The heel is part of the cutting edge farthest away from the point -  the last few inches of the blade. It is most efficient for making  quick, coarse cuts, and for jobs whic (MORE)