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Will the world ever revive from the economic downturn?

right at the moment not for a couple of years but since the united states put their faith in barack obama we have yet to see if he will do a better job than george bush. event ( Full Answer )
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When will the global economic downturn end?

given the history of these things, we might see a return to economic growth sometime in the next decade, but any more precision would require seeing through time.
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In the midst of an economic downturn how can one economize?

One can always economize by reducing the spending of luxury of eating out. It is much cheaper and healthier to pack some homemade lunches and to cook meals for dinner. For som ( Full Answer )
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Should the government be held responsible for a downturn in the economy and why?

It depends on the cause of the downturn and on the country. Smallcountries with very open economies for instance are very dependenton the up- and downturns of the countries th ( Full Answer )