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What is a butler?

A butler is a head servant of a household, typically a man. A butler is paid for his services. In some countries most households do not have butlers. Where butlers are emp (MORE)

What is a silent butler?

A receptacle with a long handle used for collecting ashes, crumbs, and other small particles on a floor. Typically, a small broom is used the sweep the pieces into the recepta (MORE)

What do butlers do?

A butler is usually there to provide service and comfort to the  guests and his employer. He is in charge of managing meals and  keeping clothes clean and pressed. He will o (MORE)

How do you spell butlered?

Technically, the verb for butler is the back-formed to buttle, and "buttled" is seldom used. But the use of butler itself as a verb is rarer than, for example, waitressed". Th (MORE)
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What is butler service?

The service that serve in the Host or Hostess or the owner of the house is what we called Butler Service. Because it was a Tangable Item which means serve a food and beverages (MORE)

What is Butler model?

  The Butler Model is a model of tourism that represents tourism as the life cycle of a resort. It depicts tourism as exploitation of a resource.   There are 6 stages - (MORE)

Who was Dr.. No?

In the 1962 James Bond film "Dr. No" , Dr. Julius No , was played  by the late Joseph Wiseman (May 15, 1918 - October  19, 2009) .
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