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What is Draco?

Draco is a constellation located in the northern sky. The nameDraco means "dragon" in Latin. The constellation originated inGreek mythology.
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When did Draco get its name?

Draco, the constellation, got its name in 1944 and is a mythological name like Orion or The Big Dipper. It is a beautiful constellation but is only seen at high lattitudes.
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Why is Draco named Draco?

Because draco is the Latin word for dragon and the constellationallegedly looks like a dragon.
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How do you get Draco meteor?

you cant get Draco meteor as a TM but you can talk to a old grandma in blackthorn city and she will tech it to certain dragon Pokemon but you need your Pokemon to trust you or ( Full Answer )
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When can you see Draco?

The best time to see the constellation Draco is in July around 9 PMlocal time in the Northern Hemisphere. Draco cannot be seen in theSouthern Hemisphere.
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What did Draco do?

Draco was a leader in Athens who instituted a very harsh legal codethat applied to everyone and punished infractions of the law withdeath, even if someone broke a small or tri ( Full Answer )
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Where is Draco?

Draco is a constellation that is located in the northern sky. Itcan be seen year round from the northern hemisphere.
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Why is Draco the consolation called Draco?

Draco the dragon is famous throughout mythology. This great beast was especially present in greek myth. One of the more popular stories involves Heracles and the twelve labo ( Full Answer )
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Who is Draco constalation?

It is A constellation- which is a grouping or stars that was named Draco and that is where JK Rowlimg go the name
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How hot is draco?

Draco is a constellation, a collection of stars, so it's impossible to give a temperature.