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Does Harry love Draco?

What kind of question is that? NO WAY!!! At the end of the Deathly Hallows, Harry says the owner of the Elder Wand was Draco Malfoy. But that was true. That doesn't necessaril (MORE)

Is Draco Maloy mean or nice?

Draco Malfoy is niether mean nor nice. He is petty and spoilt and teases and bullys Harry, Ron and Hermione and other griffindors during there time at school. He and Harry es (MORE)

Where do you get the Draco picture on Wild Kratts?

Well, you must go to the Indonesian forest and climb the 3rd climbable tree and glide with the Draco power and you will see the tops of trees and in those trees there is a bra (MORE)

When can the constellation Draco be seen?

Draco can be seen all year around, but the best time to spot this constellation is during the month of July. If you are looking north during the summer months, Draco is facing (MORE)

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Can flygon learn Draco meteor?

Yes, only Dragon-Type Pokemon can learn Draco Meteor*. Flygon is Dragon and Ground type. In all games, Draco Meteor needs to be taught- no Pokemon can learn Draco Meteor by le (MORE)

When did Draco rule Greece?

In around 620 BC with the first WRITTEN set of laws but the real question is where did he rule
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What did Draco do?

Draco was a leader in Athens who instituted a very harsh legal code  that applied to everyone and punished infractions of the law with  death, even if someone broke a small (MORE)

Where can you see Draco in the night sky?

Draco is best seen in July 80 degrees above the horizon and looking North. Also it has to be in the evening. Draco can be seen all year long but its best seen in July
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Does Draco Malfoy betray Voldemort?

in the end yes he does because he helps harry potter in the battle of hogwarts. you will find out the battle of hogwarts in the deathly hallows book:D
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