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What is Draconian law?

In an nutshell. The term Draco refers to an Athenian lawgiver from around 620-630 BCE that was noted for a very strict code of conduct, with swift and disproportionately harsh (MORE)
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What is a draconian devil?

a legislator that defends at all costs an extreme way to punish crimes Or An anagram for Leonardo da Vinci, part of his puzzle to explain the Draconian Annunaki, the same (MORE)

What are Draconian rules?

Draco was a reformer in ancient Athenian society who established a list of laws and rules that were very harsh and unyielding and carried severe penalties for violators. Any (MORE)

Draconian in a sentence?

Benjamin "The Beast" Butler was hated by the citizens of New Orleans for his draconian enforcement of martial law. Draconian is an adjective meaning harsh or cruel.

What is the definition of draconian?

Draco was a legislator in ancient Greece, who was renowned for the severity of the punishments he imposed. Draco was asked why so many crimes were punished with death. Draco r (MORE)